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June newsletter now available, free summer courses for parents and Learn 360

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June newsletter now available, free summer courses for parents and Learn 360

June S.E.A.side newsletter now available
June's S.E.A. side newsletter is now available. Get the most recent edition or read the archieves. Go to:  Visit our website to view the latest edition: http://bit.ly/11G94ad
The A.T. team publishes a newsletter three times a year.  

Summer courses: OneNote and Read and Write Gold for parents

These August courses are available at no cost (provided by the Special Education Department) to parents of students with S.E.A. claims. 

Using Learn 360 to Access a Variety of Media to Support Student Learning

As teachers, we are always trying to find different ways to engage our students and to support a variety of learning styles.  One great way to engage our learners is through videos and through the use of rich images.

Learn 360 is an online media service that supports the K-12 curriculum.  There are over 9,300 video titles and 28,500 video clips as well as a tremendous selection of images and articles.  Many of the resources are from the A&E and History channels, as well as National Geographic and Sunburst Visual Media.

Videos are available in three different media formats:
·         Flash (use this format when inserting media into SMART Notebook pages)
·         Windows Media Player (use this format when inserting media into ActivInspire flipchart pages)
·         QuickTime
Through the use of Learn 360, teachers can use videos and images to engage students in their learning, as they are better able to visualize key concepts and to construct meaning.

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