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A.T. referral - another example of successful collaboration

Thursday, 27 June 2013

A.T. referral - another example of successful collaboration

Assistive Technology Referral: Another example of successful collaboration

What do you get when you cross a SMART Board, Read and Write Gold (RWG), Pixie 3 and an Endangered Animal ~ a wonderful unit on Global Citizenship!

Through the Assistive Technology Referral process, Erin Hood, Junior HSP teacher at Lynngate P.S. and an Itinerant Teacher with the Assistive Technology SEA Department, collaborated on a unit for her class.

Starting with the theme of “What is charity?” an interactive unit was created where students explored the idea of ‘how they can help.’ Using endangered animals as their focus, the class initiated the unit by exploring the idea of Food Chains and Endangered Animals by playing Interactive Educational Games on their SMART Board.

       Food Chain game                       Endangered Animals Game
Following this, students were given the opportunity to predict where different endangered animals lived. Using the Pin Page and Dual Page features of the SMARTBoard, students selected an animal, made a prediction about where that animal lived, then proceeded to place the animal on the correct continent. Revealed behind each animal was the correct answer. Students were then able to drag that animal over to the correct continent.

After this exposure, each student then chose an endangered animal to research.
They were given four categories to focus on:

1) Information about your animal (where they live, what they eat and interesting facts)

2) What is threatening your animal or making it endangered?
3) What are people doing to save or protect your animal?
4) What can you do to help your animal?

 Wombat video                                     Bobcat video

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