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Mackie P.S. - You Inherited an IWB – Now What? ~ Observation Class

Friday, 24 May 2013

Mackie P.S. - You Inherited an IWB – Now What? ~ Observation Class

You Inherited an IWB – Now What? ~ Observation Class on Inferring

This year the SEA Department - Assistive Technology implemented a new project entitled “You Inherited an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) - Now What?” to support teachers who have an IWB in their special education class but may not have been part of the initial training that came with the IWB. In addition to a Learning Community Model that supported teachers through 4 half-day sessions that modelled how the IWB could be used to support their special education students through various curriculum objectives, the participants were also given the opportunity to engage in a co-planning/co-teaching session with an Assistive Technology Itinerant Teacher.
Margot McFarlane, from George P Mackie, volunteered for this opportunity. She met with the Itinerant Teacher and together they co-planned an engaging, hands-on lesson on Inferring, use the Promethean Board and Ladibug Document Camera. Teachers from the Learning Community were invited to watch the teaching of the lesson, along with an opportunity to pre-brief before the lesson and debrief afterwards.
The book “Something Beautiful” was selected for the lesson. It was introduced to the students by displaying it with the Ladibug Document Camera. Students used the various IWB tools (Pen, Camera, Keyboard, and Sound Recorder) to record their predictions. The visual and auditory support allowed students to convey their responses in a format that was most comfortable for them.
            The remainder of the book was shared with the students, again displayed with the Ladibug Document Camera. Afterwards, images of the story were used to help support students’ understanding of Picture Clues and Text Clues.
Reviewed concepts of Picture/Text Clues and Background Knowledge with visual supports.
Students used this knowledge and the IWB tools to make an inference.

                Students were then given a different part of the story, and in partners, had to make an inference.

Margot McFarlane (teacher) showing her student how to use the Ladibug Document Camera to capture an image. 

Student using the Camera Tool to capture a text clue for her inference.

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