Friday, 21 September 2012

RWG Flash - AT curriculum lesson examples

This week we have both junior and intermediate lesson examples of the use of Read and Write Gold in integrated Science and Language Arts-focussed lessons.

To find a variety of developed grade level lessons which integrate a variety of assistive technology tools using Read and Write Gold visit our TDSB public page by clicking here.

Summarize, Compare and Contrast

Example: Grade 6 Science and Language Arts: Canadian Space exploration

In the grade 6 lesson, students will research, read, and take notes on one famous Canadian astronomer and one famous Canadian astronaut. Using a compare and contrast graphic organizerpare and contrast graphic organizerpare and contrast graphic organizer, the students will summarize the impact each of these individuals has had on space exploration.

Persuasive Writing
Example: Grade 10 Biology: Ecosystem and Change
In the grade 10 Biology lesson (Academic and Applied), students will research, read and take written notes in order to plan and write a persuasive report about change to an ecosystem. The final report can be written, an audio podcast or video. Students will share information from a text
source and their own ideas about an issue relating factors affecting an ecosystem that they have researched.

Home Use Information
All TDSB staff and students have access to Read and Write Gold at home. For more information about RWG Home Use click here. To get the password, please ask your school.

Even more Read and Write Gold curriculum connections

The Assistive Technology team holds the first of a number of curriculum professional development sessions next week at Burnhamthorpe C.I.  (Adult Learning Centre) BCI in the West and Terraview Learning Centre (TLC) in the East. Both sessions reinforce the use of Assistive Technology Software Read and Write Gold (RWG). One session involves using RWG tools and the research process. The other session involve how students can create "sensational stories" using RWG in the writing process.

The AT team's IRTs provide differentiated learning sessions throughout the school year in other topics including topics involving using the interactive whiteboard to meet the needs of special education students. Also, the AT team technicians provide a wide variety of training in software including (RWG, Clicker5, Dragon Naturally Speaking) and IWB (both Promethean and SMART) throughout the year as well.

All courses are found on Key to Learn. TDSB staff who are interested click here to access the main page K2L catalogue. (A password is required.)

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