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AT and Promethean team up for a TDSB IWB bus tour

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

AT and Promethean team up for a TDSB IWB bus tour

ActivBus June visit to the TDSB
 At the beginning of June, the Promethean ActivBus made a Toronto stop - visiting four locations in the Toronto District School Board. On June 4, the bus visited 5050 Yonge St. for the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) meeting where the AT Team and Promethean trainers shared Interactive Whiteboard and peripheral use in classrooms sharing lessons that highlight strategies of differentiated learning.

 Two members from each school, already determined as receiving SEA IWB systems for 2012-13, were invited to attend one of six Information Sessions aboard the Promethean Bus held on June 5 (East) and 6 (West). Students also attended specific sessions.

The sessions provided participants with information about the Promethean board system they will be receiving in their specific Special Education classrooms in the upcoming school year. The SEA Consultant shared the overview of the AT Team's Learning Community Session model offered to LC teachers next year.

Following a fun-filled and informative three days at the TDSB schools: Cosburn M.S., Glamorgan P.S. and George R. Gauld P.S. the ActivBus left for its journey towards the West Coast destination of Seattle, Washington.

ActivBus interesting facts

1. What kind of vehicle is the ActivBus? The ActivBus is technically a Winnebago RV.

2. How many people can fit on the ActivBus? We have seating for 15, but can accommodate an additional 10-15 in standing room.

3. Is the ActivBus wheelchair accessible? Yes, we have a custom lift built for wheelchair access at the back door (the door by the wall of ActivExpressions).

4. Is Internet provided on the ActivBus? Yes, wireless.

5. Does the ActivBus need external power? If parked indoors, yes. If parked outdoors, no. At outdoor events, the interior of the ActivBus is powered by generators.

6. What is available on the ActivBus? ActivSlates, ActiView, ActiView, ActivExpressions, ActiVote, teacher and student microphones, ActivBoards.

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