Thursday, 24 May 2012

Boys Project phase two update: BoyzNLiteracy


The second phase of the Boys’ Literacy Project is currently taking place in 5 different ISP classrooms in 4 different schools.  Phase Two continues to focus on the goals of increasing student engagement and developing learning skills related to literacy.  In addition, another goal was established, to improve students’ planning and organization

Each teacher, in collaboration with the AT Team, created “A Mission” using Smart Ideas software to guide students through the inquiry process focusing on a specific topic and media format for the final product.  Students use iPods, the IWB, Smart Ideas and Read and Write Gold throughout their mission.

Session One

In Session One at Queen Victoria P.S., students were introduced to their inquiry question “How might gender have mattered for knights in medieval times?”.  Students brainstormed what they knew about knights and what they needed to know to answer their inquiry question.  Students worked collaboratively to record their ideas using the portable keyboard, view ideas on the IWB and use SMART Ideas to organize their information.

Questions about knights using SMART Ideas.

Students then, used the iPods to explore how knights dressed using the app “Make A Knight”.  Throughout the mission, students gathered information from a variety of sources: apps, video, images, websites and books. 

Assistive Technology Professional Development and training year-round
Training sessions continue to be offered once this 2011-2012 school year comes to a close. Parents of students with S.E.A. claims are invited to sign-up for training sessions in the West (Burnhamthorpe C.I.)
or East (Terraview L.C.) locations in the month of August.
For more information and to find the contact e-mail please download the
brochure here: Parent sessions.

TDSB staff new to using the Interactive Whiteboard in September also have opportunities for training during the summer. The A.T. team offers sessions both in early July and late August at both the East and West training centres.

For more information click on: Interactive Whiteboard Training or use your QR code reader to get the brochure sent out on Direct Line to TDSB staff about how to find sessions on Key to Learn.

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