AT training: Communication Boards using RWG

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

AT training: Communication Boards using RWG

Key to Learn AT training session spotlight

The AT team creates and offers a number of training sessions for TDSB staff in a variety of software throughout the year. One of the latest courses being offered on Key to Learn is: Create Communication boards using Read and Write Gold 10. This hands-on session focuses on using the Picture Dictionary tool of Read and Write Gold in collaboration with Microsoft Word 10.

There are a wide range of symbols found in the Picture Dictionary - in colour and black and white - that can be used to create communication books, boards and other educational symbol materials. During the two-hour session participants will create their own picture symbol board pages - using RWG clip art as well as outside picture sources.

(Left and right images) examples of exercises
that are part of the two-hour hands-on session.

Create Communication boards using Read and Write Gold 10
One participant's feedback noted that the flexibility of the tables and symbols makes it easy to create reminders to students as well as letters and notices to parents. Another comment was that teachers can use their own digital camera to take pictures of students and locations for use in creating customised schedules or check lists.

Staff of TDSB can sign-up on Key to Learn at: K2L for this course. Also new this term are two Promethean / ActivInspire training courses (Beginner as well as Next Steps). The AT team continues to offer software course training for SMART Notebook software,  Clicker 5, Read and Write Gold, and Boardmaker 6.

Math & Special Education partnership

Here are a few pictures of LC teachers "living" through a three-part lesson during the Learning Community sessions at Burnhamthorpe Adult Learning Centre.

(Left) Using the document camera to share use of manipulatives during Minds On. Teachers can share and annotate on images of student work that have been projected and embedded into interactive whiteboard files for whole group learning.

(Right) Using the Interactive Whiteboard as a learning centre for students. Students can have a collaborative learning space, access to a number of tools including unlimited amounts of virtual manipulatives during eg. Minds On. 

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