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Do, Bring and Share in-class session of SEA IWB Learning Communities

Friday, 10 February 2012

Do, Bring and Share in-class session of SEA IWB Learning Communities

Do, Bring, Share
Between each of our SEA Interactive White Board (IWB) Group Claim Learning Communities we offer teachers an opportunity to see what is happening in other classrooms and how the IWB is being used through classroom visits and observation. 

During this current session the participants were offered the choice of a slightly different experience in which teachers come together to share their lessons and insights in a “Do, Bring, Share” session. A small group of teachers in the east attended the first of these sessions.
Each teacher showcased a number of IWB lessons or activities that they created and used with their students and spoke about how the students benefited from them. Questions were asked and strategies were discussed. 
The Itinerant Resource Teacher was also able to show some new approaches to the IWB as well. 

Teacher created page discussing Sequence of Events with an embedded video.

This group ‘co-planning’ session was well received and the teachers appreciated the opportunity to share and see new ideas in regards to the IWB. At the end, each teacher walked away with numerous files from all the participants that they could take back with them to their schools.

Mountain: Multiple Choice question using real photos.

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