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SEA IWB Learning Communities response system training

Thursday, 19 January 2012

SEA IWB Learning Communities response system training

The first set of Response System ("clickers") professional development sessions are underway for SEA Interactive Whiteboard teachers. Elligible SEA IWB LC teachers come to Terraview Learning Centre (TLC) in the east and Burnhamthorpe C.I. (BCI) in the west to take part in these additional sessions which provide hardware and PD on how to use the interactive hand-held communication devices.

Active Learning Environment
The Response Systems can be used as a means to promote whole class participation, as students can answer questions posed by the teacher in an anonymous way. Teachers can pre-create the response question set or poll student interaction, response and opinion "on-the-fly" by inserting quick questions into the IWB document.

More than "Ask the audience" of Who wants to be a Millionaire function
 As part of a teacher's lesson, the classroom response systems provide active engagement and participation (encourage reluctant participants, ensure every student has a voice) during lessons, collaboration and discussion within the class, as well as check for student understanding instantly, are just a few reasons why "clickers" are found to be a helpful tool. Response system use can be built into any part of learning.

Ongoing assessment and data collection
During the professional development session, LC teachers are guided to create individualized teacher files and student classes. The built-in feature allows each students progress to be tracked and displayed. The kinds of questions developed and posed by teachers when using the response systems can be used for diagnostic, formative and summative assessment. Classroom and individual student data can be isolate, which provides a teacher invaluable information that is easily communicated to both the teacher and student regarding an understanding (or misunderstanding) of curricular concepts.

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