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SEA IWB Learning Communities - sessions at BCI (West) and Terraview LC (East)

Monday, 28 November 2011

SEA IWB Learning Communities - sessions at BCI (West) and Terraview LC (East)

SEA Interactive Whiteboard Learning Communities
Learning Community sessions
Interactive Whiteboard Learning Community sessions are one way that the SEA department supports teachers who have SEA group claim Interactive Whiteboards in similar Special Education Classrooms.
The title of the first of four sessions was called: Getting Started. At these sessions there was a model literacy lesson (persuasive writing) followed by teacher work time.
(Left) Creating an attendance page. 

(Right) Building an interactive (SMART) language lesson.

Community partnerships
Learning Communities provide the opportunity for teachers to plan, find resources and create materials in a supportive and collaborative environment. Teachers team up with one another, SEA Department staff and presenters. 
 Creating a math lesson using Active Inspire (Promethean) software with one of our presenters. 
December brings the second Learning Community session: Document Camera and Multimedia.

A document camera (also known as a visual presenter) is a versatile tool that allows teachers to, for example, project and film live demonstrations, project and annotate a text, and grab students attention by zooming in on the details of an artifact. 

Strategy: Visual information (Document camera): Teachers can visually share information with students that might otherwise be inaccessible to a large group. eg. shared/modelled cross-curricular tasks.
Students can demonstrate and present their thinking and problem solving solutions in all subject areas.

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