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Learning Communities - in-class IWB lesson at Thorncliffe Park

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Learning Communities - in-class IWB lesson at Thorncliffe Park

SEA Interactive Whiteboard Learning Community in-class sessions

Today, a group of HSP teachers from NE5 and NE6 family of schools gathered at Thorncliffe Park Public School to visit and observe an IWB Patterning math lesson. This was one of a number Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) SEA group claim Learning Community in-class sessions being held across the TDSB.  The in-class session is one way that the SEA department supports networking opportunities for teachers, who have similar Special education Classrooms.

Today's SEA in-class session in three steps:

1. Session 1: Co-planning
The Host teacher works with the Itinerant teacher to co-plan a lesson using features of the IWB to differentiate for the needs of her particular group of students. The lesson was designed to have students as active participants in the lesson. They could manipulate objects, use an interactive 100s chart, and use tools to their process and thinking. A whole group lesson was followed by an individual component - students using the IWB as an centre, to rotate through and complete individual work. 

 Session two: Observation session 
2. The visiting teachers attend the Host classroom to observe the classroom lesson.

3. Sharing and reflection. The Host and Observers discuss the lesson itself, both the pedagogy behind its design, as well as technical aspects. They also share their individual journeys using the IWB in their classrooms along with resources and web links. 

Reflection is an important aspect of the in-class process as each person is given time and opportunity to connect learning and discovery to his/her own classroom and groups of students.

IWB (a tool for differentiated instruction)

Strategy: Auditory support: During the co-planning with the itinerant the Host teacher recorded and embedded her voice file reading each question out loud. Those students, who require auditory support, could play and replay the math question they have been asked to complete. 

Along with four half-day Learning Community sessions hosted at Terraview Learning Centre (East) and Burnhamthorpe C.I. (West) throughout the year, each of the 21 groups may take part in in-classroom professional learning opportunities - following the Job Embedded Professional Learning Model. Both Hosts and Observers participate on a voluntary basis.

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