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iPad in ASD Classrooms - QR code (scan for link)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

iPad in ASD Classrooms - QR code (scan for link)

You may have seen these two-dimensional (2D) designs around. These are called quick read codes (QR codes in short). A QR code contains a wide variety of information. The one below is the direct link to the home page of the iPad in ASD classrooms pilot project link. 

All you need is a bar code/QR code reader and your phone.
After the code is scanned by your camera on the phone (four points are read and interpreted), you will have the direct link to save to your phone. Or, you can share the link by e-mail.

Informative and fun! 

(We have a variety of QR codes on our blog. Did you see them? 
We'll be adding more as the blog develops.

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