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Engaging boys in literacy - Forest Hill - session 6: June 6-8

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Engaging boys in literacy - Forest Hill - session 6: June 6-8

Session Six – June 6th – 8th

Session Six focused on student presentations of the culminating projects. The students communicated their ideas in a variety of ways using audio texts created with Read and Write Gold or their own voices, video podcasts, graphic texts, visuals and written text. Students combined all of their texts into presentation software of their choice. Students chose Notebook, iMovie or a student created Website to present their culminating assignments. Following each presentation, students evaluated their peers’ projects focusing on the criteria in the student generated rubric.

Student Comments: It was a good learning experience and it was fun. We got to learn about many computer programs.

It was very good to learn about multiple computer programs for further work.

Link to wordle containing student feedback: Wordle.

 Using the iPod Touch: Communicating Information with Video

 Bitstrips and Notebook: Communicating Information with Graphic and Audio Text

 Student Project Created with iMovie

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