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Interactive Whiteboards in KELI classrooms - Matching Game

Monday, 30 May 2011

Interactive Whiteboards in KELI classrooms - Matching Game

Here Ms. B., the Speech and language pathology student, leads KELI students in a matching game. Students match character pictures from the story. They practice story vocabulary of characters during the game.


  1. I like the shared experience. Are the pictures directly imported from the book's graphics? How long did it take to prepare the setup?

  2. Hi M Charles!
    The pictures were scanned directly from the story books that we read to the children in class, that way they were familiar with the pictures and they were not guessing who the image was suppose to be.
    The set up doesn't take long once you have the pictures because the game is an interactive template from the gallery and all you have to do is pick the number of tiles you want to use, cut and paste the pictures and the games is pretty well ready.
    The children have really enjoyed these digital concentration games. It has also created a great deal of verbal exchange in the classroom which we are happy about!
    Carla from KELI


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