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Read and Write in schools

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Read and Write in schools

Over half of the TDSB school have been trained this school year (2010-2011).
Read and Write Gold is an assistive technology program designed to provide literacy support for students of all ages and abilities. The software helps people who require extra assistance when reading or composing text, allowing students to develop their literacy skills and enjoy greater independence. Should an administrator not be available, a representative can be sent on their behalf. 
  • Training is only available to schools who attend this information session.

  • Schools must attend the information session to get 5 hours of training for the school
  • Training takes place in the school year the school administrators attend the meeting

  • Administrators are encouraged to pick a mixture of types of sessions to make up the five hours of training and a strong foundation for future use of the program in his/her school.

    All administrators leave the implementation training session having filled out a planned schedule handed in to begin the journey of whole-school Read and Write Gold implementation.

    Read and Write Home use information
    For information and instructions about Read and Write home use
    please click here.

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