Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Learning Communities - draft

Visual Literacy Supporting Critical Thinking (Using the IWB as a Tool)

Student Goals:
Good questioning
Accountable talk
Critical thinking

IWB Tools to Support:
Inserting Photographs (as a jpeg, using the camera tool)
Shade to reveal parts of the photograph
Magic Pen to focus on specific details in the photograph
Ladibug/Scanner to import photographs (Second Steps)
Clickers to engage all students in discussion
Info Buttons/Pull tabs as supports for teachers and to reveal information to students

The first part of the PD will be a modelled lesson on how a photograph can be used to develop critical thinking skills, incorporating different IWB tools (20 -30 minutes). The second part will be planning time for teachers (30 – 45 minutes). Sample photos, links to websites with rich photos and possible questions will be included in the Notebook file that will be given to the teachers for planning. The file is almost finished. I just need to make it prettier and add some info that Sooky is sending me.

Sooky’s schedule has changed and she is now available on our LC meeting days. She is open to attending a LC meeting in the East and in the West. I was thinking that it might be better for her to visit the East first, since I developed the modelled lesson with her. We need to think about whether we want to ask her to attend both sessions, as half of the session will be used for the sharing, survey, next steps of the LC meetings.

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