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iPads in Autism Classrooms - Winchester P.S.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

iPads in Autism Classrooms - Winchester P.S.

Unique to this school: 5 of 7 students also have individual SEA computer.
The iPad has had a dramatic effect in my classroom.  I teach a class of 7 boys in Grade 6 - 8, and they are incredibly engaged by the iPad.  On mornings when the iPad is unavailable for the class, the behaviour in my class changes dramatically.   The students use the iPad to be more independent learners and to focus on positive behaviours.  We continue to explore new ways to integrate the iPad into their learning.  

Ms. D video reflections.

How a math app supports one of her student's academic and socio-emotional needs.
Ms. D discusses how students' transitions and organization are helped during this pilot project.
Ms. D and her student discuss his iPad use in integrated classes.

Winchester student discusses his use of iPad in relation to token economy and choice as a reward. Click here.
More videos speaking about how the iPad helps to increase student motivation and positive behaviour. Click here

For a short slideshow: click here.

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