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iPads in Autism Classrooms - C.E. Webster JPS

Thursday, 7 April 2011

iPads in Autism Classrooms - C.E. Webster JPS

Unique to this school:  no direct access to Wi-fi.

During the use of the IPad we found that it benefited all the students socially. The student who was the original focus seems to be benefitting the most, but there are also clear benefits and successes for the other students involved. 

We have noticed a positive effect in interaction, transitions, technology understanding, general interest, social skills, hygiene, teamwork, and hand-eye movement. 

Here's a link to a short slideshow: click here.Ms. D discusses the journey so far.

Click on each photo below to see a short video clip of the students in action. (So far top 3 videos added only. April 29)

Community Circle  Days at school

Community Circle  How are you feeling?

Community Circle: Today's schedule

Social skills: Social stories

Vocabulary building: Chicktionary

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