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iPads in ASD Classrooms - Kensington Community School

Thursday, 7 April 2011

iPads in ASD Classrooms - Kensington Community School

KCC - primary classroom
Unique to this school: primary autism diagnostic classroom, non-verbal student (apraxia) uses iPad with 
Proloquo2Go, an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application

We are using the iPad and Proloquo2Go to give our non-verbal student a "voice." The device is portable, motivating, and engaging, and our student now uses it across all curriculum strands and in both academic and social situations. It has been so exciting to witness our student use the iPad to participate in community circle, offer a snack to her classmates, and communicate her wants and needs. Any challenges we have encountered, such as the time required by staff to program the device and record data, have all been well-worth it. We look forward to our student's continued success as she grows with the iPad, gradually becomes more independent, and learns to express herself in ways that were never before possible.  Ms. L.

Click to see a short slideshow.

Here is the link to the latest reports from Ms. L.
Click June.

April 6 videos click here
More mid-term videos here

May update:
Ms. L speaks about a new development.

More May 2 videos please click here.

In April, Ms. L discusses the midterm results.
 Audio recording of Ms. L.

It has been so amazing to watch her use the app to increase her participation during community circle. ...after just a short time of modelling and prompting, during community circle student now can independently use Proloquo2Go to speak today’s date.

She was very quick to learn how to manipulate the device and all touch-screen features (scroll, go to home page, find her favourite apps, etc.). It has proved to be very engaging, motivating, and easy for [the student] to adapt to.    Click here to visit the mid-term video page.

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