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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

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The Three-minute spotlight
Lessons developed on topic of inquiry to be studied while introducing students to a technology they can choose to use in developing their culminating products. See a three-minute spotlight on Lester B. Pearson (click Bitstrips).
Watch the iMovie app spotlight about Avril Lavigne along with the follow-up discussion. (click iMovie app)

Louis Riel: Hero or Traitor?
The following video describes an activity that students participated in to access resources on the iPod and use video and recording functions of the iPod for the first time.

The project rubric
Click lesson summary photoblog of:

Using Assistive Technology students can:

Click on the photo to
view how students discussion
helped to develop criteria for
the final project.


Students discuss various ways they used
technology to research their famous Canadian.


Click on the photo (right) to view
a short slideshow of students organizing
their research.

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